The Buddy System! Why Every Hot Tub Needs a pHin

The Buddy System! Why Every Hot Tub Needs a pHin

Hot tubs make a great addition to a home or backyard, whether for warming up on a cool winter night or taking a soak after a tough workout. Among the benefits of owning your own at-home spa, a hot tub can be challenging to maintain. Hot tub rash is real, and chemicals need to be added in exact doses for balanced water. Not to mention, worrying about whether or not the water is safe and balanced can take the relaxation out of your daily soak.

Maximize your hot tub relaxation time with the smart water monitor that can remove your worry about hot tub water! Every hot tub needs a pHin Smart Water Monitor to get the most benefits, here’s why:

Real-Time Temperature Status

There’s nothing worse than having your hot tub soak delayed because the water’s too cold. With pHin, you can simply check the app or ask Alexa about the temperature of your water, so you can see if the heater needs a boost before you go in.

Avoid Hot Tub Rash

Hot tub rash can be caused by poorly maintained water, according to the CDC. Keeping the water in balance is important to avoiding it and it can be hard to know which contaminants are causing the issue. pHin measures the water over 1,000 times per week and will notify you immediately if the water isn’t balanced, with a color-coded guide. A blue disc indicates your water is safe, balanced and ready to use.  An orange disc means your water is still safe to enter but needs some attention while a red disc appears when you should avoid the unsafe water.

Chemistry Support

Chemistry can be confusing, and hot tub owners need to pay close attention to their water to keep it safe. Understanding chemical dosing is a challenge. pHin uses built-in analytics to calculate dosing instructions, so users can simply follow the instructions in the app to balance their water.

With balanced water, hot tubs are great for relaxing, soothing sore muscles, and warming you up in cool weather.

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3 Ways pHin Removes the Guesswork Out of Water Care

3 Ways pHin Removes the Guesswork Out of Water Care

Keeping pool water balanced all season can be stressful. But for many pool owners, measuring and adding chemicals is a lot of guesswork. Converting the ppm of chlorine in the water to how much chlorine to add can be a challenge, even for veteran pool owners.

Instead of making the wrong measurement that can leave your pool water over chlorinated or cloudy, technology can remove the guesswork.

pHin is a powerful new product that has built-in analytics that make water care easy for any pool or hot tub owner. The device floats in the pool and measures the water over 1,000 times per week, using the information to make pool water care easy for anyone. Here’s how:

Easy-to-Read Status

How do you know if your water is safe before you jump in? With the pHin app, pool and hot tub owners can easily see whether their water is safe, needs action, or is unsafe. A color-coded disc on the home screen provides at-a-glance status:

If the water is out of balance, a red disc will alert users indicating that the water is unsafe and requires action. When water is balanced and safe, a blue disc will indicate that the water is ready to go.

Alerts and Instructions

pHin is also proactive, it sends alerts in the app or via email when the water is out of balance or needs action, like adding shock or chemicals.

Instead of guessing how to fix the water, users get step-by-step instructions about which chemicals to add and how much of each chemical is needed to bring the water back to a safe level. pHin’s app also features detailed graphs of the pool’s chemistry levels in the past giving pool owners easy access to their pool’s chemical history.

Chemical Database

pHin works with leading chemical brands to provide customized chemical dosing instructions based on the brand of your choice. Users can simply scan any supported chemical’s barcode and pHin will calculate exactly how much of the chemical you need to add to the water. pHin recently doubled the number of scannable chemicals, you can see the full list of scannable chemicals here.

pHin takes the guesswork out of adding chemicals to your pool with easy-to-read alerts, action notifications and instructions, and customized chemical dosing instructions. pHin handles the pool chemistry guesswork so you can simply add the necessary chemicals and enjoy!

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Get Your Pool Chemistry in Balance For Best Results With Pool Maintenance

Get Your Pool Chemistry in Balance For Best Results With Pool Maintenance

Keeping track of your pool maintenance is important no matter where you live. Depending on where you live, monthly pool maintenance can become a huge year-round chore. Yes, if the water temperatures are cool, UV rays are low and your pool may have no bather load; but your pump, filter, water heater, and other pool supplies are all running and still need to be monitored. Here is a basic pool care guide to help you keep that annual pool maintenance schedule on schedule.

When it comes to maintaining your pool’s cleanliness, most people overlook one very important component: the filter. With the proper maintenance and cleaning, this device is quite an important part of your pool care. The filters work to keep the chemicals from being eliminated as waste products. This helps to maintain the pH levels in the water and keeps harmful bacteria from flourishing. These chemicals will not only be pleasant to swim in, but they also can help save the life of your plants if you are using them to clean your pond.

Another type of pool care maintenance is essential for any pool equipment. If you are using an automatic pump that uses electricity, then it must be checked on a regular basis. This is not only to ensure that the pump is working correctly, but to prevent against damage to the filter. Cleaning the pump will allow it to run more smoothly and efficiently and this will ensure that you get more out of your money. Not cleaning the pump regularly will reduce the life of the unit and may eventually require replacement.

A pool care routine is not complete without checking the filter to ensure that it is not clogged. The simplest way to do this is by simply pulling out the filter and examining it. If you see chunks or pieces of debris stuck in the filter, then you need to clean it before proceeding to use the pump. This is especially true if there is a lot of debris in the skimmer basket. By removing the filter from the equation, you will be able to clean the debris before using the pump.

One of the most important aspects of pool maintenance is making sure that you have chlorine and other chemical added at a proper level. By setting the correct level, you will eliminate bacteria that live in cloudy water and cause health problems. However, if you fail to test for these levels, you will be subject to having cloudy water in your pool. For a complete guide to pool care, you should test both chlorine and pH on a monthly basis.

Most people take swimming pool care lightly. They realize that it is important to monitor the chemicals, but they don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about the rest of the maintenance tasks. If you are like most people, you are busy and don’t have a lot of time to devote to taking care of your swimming pool. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips to help you with the overall process.

The best tip for proper pool maintenance is to make sure you have proper circulation in the area. If you have poor circulation, you will find that you are more likely to get algae. Algae can cause the water to develop a bad taste and odor. In addition, poor circulation can make it difficult for swimmers to avoid drowning. Proper pool maintenance can prevent these problems by getting the circulation in the area working properly.

You might think that when you get into the details about pool maintenance that you are overdoing it. However, you cannot underestimate the importance of keeping your swimming pool chemistry in balance. If you have dirt and debris that are clogging the pores of your filter, you won’t be able to effectively clean it. On the other hand, if you have a good balance of chemicals, you won’t have to work so hard to keep it clean. Proper pool care will ensure that you have a great swimming pool experience at all times.