Why You Should Hire a Swimming Pool Service

Why You Should Hire a Swimming Pool Service

Swimming pools are a great way to cool off in the summer and make for a fun gathering place. However, they require regular cleaning and treatment to avoid dangerous bacteria such as E. coli, which can cause diarrhea in young children and adults.

Swimming Pool Service

Swimming Pool Service San Antonio performs many duties, including testing water chemistry readings, cleaning the pool, and chemicals as needed. They also repair and maintain pool equipment.

A swimming pool is a beautiful way to cool off in the summer and gather with friends or family. However, owning a pool requires hard work and frequent cleaning to keep it looking great and functioning well. Without proper care, the water in your pool could become cloudy or have excessive algae growth. If this happens, the hardware in your pool, like pumps and filters, will need to be repaired or replaced.

In addition to cleaning your pool, pool service technicians also know how to manage the chemicals in the water. This includes testing the water chemistry, managing chlorine levels, and maintaining the correct pH levels in the pool water. Many people are intimidated by this aspect of pool ownership and decide to hire a professional to take care of it for them.

The right balance of chemicals in your pool will protect the health of all swimmers. It will also ensure that the hardware in your pool is kept in good condition for a longer period of time. For example, if you have too much calcium buildup on your filter, it can damage the pump and create leaks in the liner. A swimming pool service technician will know to test for calcium and add the appropriate amount of water softener to the water.

A pool service technician will also clean your filter and the baskets that are designed to catch debris. They will also be able to clean the bottom of your pool by either brushing or vacuuming. They will also have the ability to skim the surface of your pool for any debris and clean out the pump basket on your pool pump as needed.

Finally, a swimming pool service technician will also have the experience and knowledge to repair any parts of your pool that need to be fixed. For example, they may be able to help you replace your pool cover if it is worn out or damaged, or they may have the tools necessary to fix any issues with your underwater lighting.

A pool maintenance company is well aware of all the rules and codes that apply to swimming pools. They will likely have a schedule and procedures in place to make sure your pool is always in tip-top shape.

They save you time.

Owning a pool is fun, but it also requires work. There are weekly cleanings in peak swim season, filter checkups, balancing the chemicals, and more to keep the pool in pristine condition. If you don’t have the time, hiring a professional swimming pool service is a smart choice. They will take care of the tedious chores, giving you more free time to relax and enjoy your backyard oasis.

Most cleaning and maintenance services include scrubbing, skimming, brushing, vacuuming, emptying and cleaning the skimmer basket, backwashing, and other important tasks to keep your pool healthy. They will also test your water’s chemistry and inspect your equipment to ensure that everything is working properly. This will help to extend the life of your equipment, save you money on repairs, and prevent problems from arising.

If your pool isn’t cleaned on a regular basis, algae and bacteria can start to grow. These can be harmful to your health and make the water unsafe to swim in. By having professionals come out to clean your pool on a weekly or biweekly basis, you can avoid this problem altogether.

Hiring professionals to clean your pool will also save you a lot of money. Buying tools and cleaning products like brushes, skimmer baskets, and chemicals can quickly add up, especially if you use them often. However, when you hire a company to take care of your swimming pool, these costs are included in the price of the service.

Swimming pool maintenance companies have the proper knowledge and equipment to get the job done. In addition, they have the experience to know how to do things quickly and efficiently. They can save you a lot of time, so you can spend your spare time relaxing in the water or spending quality time with friends and family. This is something that everyone deserves.

They save you money.

Having a swimming pool is great for a relaxing day in the sun, but it also adds value to your home. It’s also a great place to have family and friends over for a barbecue or a swim. However, it’s important to maintain your pool in order to get the most out of it.

Professionals will take the time to check your pool and equipment on a regular basis. This will save you money on energy costs, chemicals, and repairs. In addition, they will be able to find and fix problems early on. They will even make sure the water’s chemistry is right so that it is safe for swimmers.

A dirty, unmaintained swimming pool is not just a health hazard for swimmers; it’s also a safety hazard. The water could be contaminated with bacteria or have an inappropriate pH level. These problems can cause skin rashes and eye irritation, so it’s important to have a swimming pool that is properly maintained.

Regular cleaning will help prevent algae from forming, which can make surfaces feel slimy and increase the likelihood of someone slipping and falling. It will also keep the water clean and free of odors that can be unpleasant to swimmers. Proper upkeep will also increase the lifespan of your equipment and ensure that it functions correctly.

It’s also important to test the pool water for proper balancing. If the levels are out of balance, it can harm the liner and promote bacterial growth. It can also be dangerous for children and adults to swim in it.

There are many benefits to using a professional to take care of your swimming pool. They will have the expertise and experience to keep it in excellent condition. They will also know the right amount of chemicals to use and can repair any damage that may occur. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor pool, hiring a professional to clean and maintain it will save you time and money in the long run. It’s also a lot safer than trying to do it yourself.

They give you more quality time.

Having a pool in your backyard is definitely a plus when it comes to enjoying time at home. However, it can also be a burden to have to worry about keeping it clean and safe for your guests. A dirty and contaminated pool can cause eye irritations and skin problems that are very unpleasant. Professional swimming pool service keeps your water looking clean and helps keep your family and friends healthy while they swim.

A regular cleaning and maintenance service will inspect your pool and equipment on a weekly basis. This way, they can catch any cracks or hazards and get them repaired before they turn into bigger issues that will cost you more money in the long run. A well-maintained pool will also use less chemicals and energy, which means you’ll save a lot of money on electricity bills.

If you have a busy lifestyle, handing off your pool maintenance duties to professionals will allow you to spend more quality time on things you enjoy. For example, you may want to enjoy the water at night and spend time with friends and family instead of dealing with the hassles of balancing chemicals and testing the chemistry of your pool.

You can find a professional swimming pool service in your area by checking online or asking around. However, before you hire a service, check to see if they have the proper licenses and permissions to operate in your state. This will help you avoid getting scammed or getting substandard services that can harm your pool and cause serious safety concerns for swimmers.

A seasoned pool servicing company is going to cost you more than one that’s just starting out, but it’s worth it when you look at all the benefits you’ll get in return. They’ll give you a high-quality service that is likely better than what you can do yourself due to their years of experience in the industry. So if you’re worried about having too little quality time in your life, hiring a professional cleaning and maintenance service is definitely the way to go.

Health Insurance Information For Making The Best Choices Now


Would you drive a car without insuring it? How about buying a home without home owner’s insurance? Of course you wouldn’t do these things, so why would you try to live a life without insuring the most precious part of it? Read this article to find out more about health insurance and how it relates to your life.


Think about your family’s health needs, including your own, when deciding which employer-sponsored health insurance plan to sign up for. If you are not dealing with any health issues, you may be tempted to buy insurance that has a cheaper premium. While this is the least-cost method right away, skimping too much on insurance coverage could put you at financial risk if sudden health problems come up.


When considering a health care insurance plan from your employer, be sure to take advantage of any plan that allows you to put aside certain amounts of pre-tax money from your paycheck. This is beneficial because you can save money by not paying taxes on income that is used for items that you will already be purchasing such as contacts or medical supplies.


Providing your family with dental insurance, not only helps to promote the health of their teeth and gums, but their bodies, as well. Research has linked periodontal disease with strokes and heart disease. In fact, a staggering number of systemic diseases cause oral complications, such as ulcers and inflamed gums, so early detection of these problems by a qualified dentist, could alert you that the underlying cause is a serious disease, such as diabetes, cancer or leukemia. Left unchecked, oral infections could also spread throughout the body, causing inflammation of organs or heart valves and resulting in complications of the digestive system. Nearly 50% of Americans do not have dental insurance and as a result, many of them do not receive adequate dental care. Don’t let your family be a part of this statistic.


After reading this article you should be more prepared and more informed about the important subject of health insurance. Although it may seem like a scary and difficult subject, it is not necessary to be that way. You can now go into the agents office with confidence that you will not be taken advantage of.


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Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Toner Pad Review

Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Toner Pad Review

This vitamin C toner pad is an excellent alternative to regular toner. It soaks in the entire bottle of vitamin C toner, so you don’t need to worry about rinsing it off after using it. Just use it in place of regular toner if you like! This toner pad has the bonus of being biodegradable. This product is also suitable for sensitive skin.Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Toner Pad

Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C toner pads are suitable for all skin types. They are free of harmful ingredients, making them ideal for sensitive skin. They also contain ethyl ascorbic acid, which is stable against light and has excellent skin brightening activity. The benefits of this toner pad are many and you should definitely try it. It’s an excellent addition to your beauty regime.

This toner pad is hypoallergenic, and it is suitable for all skin types. It contains ethyl ascorbic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant that improves the complexion. It is also safe for all skin types. The pad is suitable for all skin types and is a good alternative to conventional toner. The ethyl ascorbic acid is a stable ingredient and provides excellent brightening action.

The Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C toner pad is designed to improve skin tone and moisture. The formula contains ethyl ascorbic acid, which is effective in boosting collagen levels and protecting the skin from free radicals. It is suitable for all skin types and is hypoallergenic. It can be used as a face mask. Simply apply the pad to the face and rub gently to ensure the best absorption.

This toner pad is a great multipurpose solution for all skin types. The 5-in-1 pad can improve the texture of the skin and brighten it. The goodal Green Tangerine Vita C toner pad is a perfect match for T-zone-zoned skin and is effective for all skin types. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone.

This multipurpose toner pad is a great alternative to other expensive and high-quality toner pads. In addition to brightening the skin, it moisturizes and brightens skin tone. It is suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive and dry. You can use it as a mask for five to 10 minutes. It is also effective as a primer. There are no harsh chemicals in the toner pad.

This toner pad is easy to use and provides instant results. It is made from natural fruit acids and is suitable for all skin types. It helps brighten skin tone and improves texture. It can be used after cleansing. The pH level of the toner pad is 5.3+-0.5. Its formula is similar to that of the Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Serum.

Another multipurpose toner pad is Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Serum. This product has antioxidants and anti-aging properties. Its antioxidants and peptides are great for all types of skin. If you have a dark spot, the toner pad is an excellent choice. It is effective for skin that has been affected by acne and is prone to redness.

The toner pad is an excellent alternative to traditional facial masks. It’s easy to use and convenient. It contains vitamin C toner, which effectively removes dead skin cells. It is gentle, and suitable for all skin types. If you have hyperpigmentation, this product is ideal for you. It has a pH of 5.3+-0.5 and is a good choice for both dry and combination skin.

The toner pad is great for sensitive skin. It contains tangerine extract, hyaluronic acid, and other essential fatty acids. The tangerine fruit peel is a key ingredient for any healthy skin care product. In addition to vitamin C, green tangerine toner pads also have green tangerine pulp. It is an excellent exfoliator and is a good option for skin with redness.

It’s Time to Build Your Winter Fitness Plan

It’s Time to Build Your Winter Fitness Plan

Spice up your fitness routine to get active and stay healthy all winter long. A swim spa, hot tub, or indoor pool will be your new favorite spot for exercising for an intense, full-body workout with low impact on your joints.

If you’re considering adding water to your exercise routine and want to add a hot tub or pool to your home, the pHin team is here to help you get started:

The Benefits of Water Workouts

Water offers resistance, making exercises in the pool or swim spa more challenging without additional equipment. Aquatic exercises are beneficial for a full-body workout to build muscle and boost cardio endurance.

Seniors and those with chronic conditions can also benefit from aquatic exercises that can help to soothe with frequent joint and muscle pain from. The water buoyancy is gentle and low impact to reduce the stress on joints. Some exercises use foam “weights,” but many can be done with no extra equipment!

Set Your Goals

As you plan your aquatic workouts, decide which part of the body you would like to focus on. Are you looking to build muscle in your arms and core, or do you want to increase your cardio endurance? Tailor your exercise plan to fit your personal needs whether that be strength or cardio training.

If you want to increase overall cardio endurance, consider walking or jogging in the water. Swim spa owners can take advantage of their system’s water resistance feature, and some swim spas even allow them to swim “laps.” In an indoor pool owner, you can walk or jog back and forth across the pool and increase muscle with arm and leg raises, pushups against the wall, butterfly kicks, and other routines that require more space.

Stay Safe

Using your indoor pool or swim spa as your exercise routine can put you on the path to achieving fitness goals, big or small. As you build your aquatic exercise plan, check with your doctor to make sure the plan is acceptable for you. You should always wear water shoes in the water to prevent yourself from slipping during your workout. It’s important to pay attention to your body as you are exercising: because you’re working out in the water, you may not realize how tired and sweaty you become, so it’s important to stay hydrated.

Safety equipment is important, but don’t forget the water quality. Especially in hot water where you’ll be sweating, the water must be well maintained to prevent harmful bacteria from growing. Choosing a pool workout doesn’t have to add more work, you can easily use the pHin Smart Water Monitor to keep the water balanced and safe. From the app, you can simply check if the water is safe before each workout. And it’ll keep your water in-shape with water testing and simple chemical dosing instructions.

Happy exercising!

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The Future of Pool Care is Smart

The Future of Pool Care is Smart

Every home is becoming smarter, as families add devices to make their lives easier and safer. Smart door locks ensure that the house is secure, or a water leak detector can send an alert if water is detected in the basement or under the sink.

Connected experiences like this aren’t limited to the home, they can make life with a pool or hot tub easier and safer, too with connected apps and devices. Here are today’s connected pool experiences:

Smart Lights

Many families added smart lights inside the home, whether to save on energy with schedules or to add ambiance with different colors. Did you know that you can have smart lights in your pool, too? ColorLogic LED lights can be added to most pools. Not only are they energy efficient, but they can brighten up a pool party or a night swim with 10 different color choices and seven color-changing shows.

Smart Water Balance

It’s easier to have fun in your pool when you know the water is safe, but chemical balance can be a challenge even for veteran pool owners. The pHin Smart Water Monitor measures the water over 1,000 times per week, and sends alerts and instructions when the water is out of balance. A pool technician can also connect to stay in-the-know about the water quality so they can schedule service when it’s needed.

Pool Control from Anywhere

Pool owners can ‘set and forget’ their equipment using the OmniHub from Hayward. It works with most pools and spas, giving users control through the app to turn on/off or set schedules for their equipment, including variable-speed pumps, heaters, pool/spa color lights, spa settings, AquaRite® salt systems, booster pumps, backyard lighting, and water features.

A Robot for Your Pool

Many families have a robotic vacuum that keeps their floors clean for them. Pool owners can spend less time on pool cleaning with robot vacuums like Hayward’s AquaVac® 500. It’s designed with two scrubbing brushes to clean the walls and floors of the pool, programmed to find the most efficient path possible. It uses 94% less energy than other cleaners, and it’s also automatic: Users can set it to operate every 24, 48, or 72 hours.

If you haven’t started with the smart pool devices available today, it might be time to revamp your pool care routine. Who knows what will come next!

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Did you miss our previous article…

Did you know? 12 Fast Facts About pHin

Did you know? 12 Fast Facts About pHin

Whether you’re a long-time pHin user or testing the water for our smart pool care, learn these 12 fun facts and technical details you might not know about pHin:

Born in 2015: A pool owner was tired of testing his water and calculating chemical dosing, so he created pHin to remove the guesswork to getting safe water. After building a team and developing the product, pHin launched in 2015.Works with over 200 chemicals: Pool owners can choose which chemicals they’d like to use with pHin from a large database – and they can request additions if their brand isn’t included already.pHin measures the water more than anyone: Most homeowners check their pool or hot tub water weekly. pHin blows their tests out of the water, by measuring the water up to 1,000 times per week.1 billion samples: Over the years, pHin has collected and analyzed over 1 billion water samples in thousands of pools, hot tubs, and swim spas across the country.Algorithms makes measuring smarter: pHin does more than check the parts per million (ppm) of chemicals in the water, it analyzes the effectiveness of the sanitizer, whether chlorine, bromine, or salt, to provide intelligent dosing instructions. Learn more about “Kill Power” here.pHin is friendly with any pool: pHin isn’t only for pools, it can monitor and help you balance a hot tub or swim spa, too!Amazon Alexa talks to pHin: Now you can check on your water balance without even opening the app. Ask Alexa if your pool water is safe or for the temperature of your hot tub before jumping in. Learn more here.pHin doesn’t like the cold, but has a “Winter” mode: pHin can’t stay outside in the cold weather, but it has a special winter setting so pHin can hibernate for the winter and come out for the next pool opening.You can travel with pHin: Worried about the water quality of pools and hot tubs at rental homes and Airbnbs? Take your pHin on the road to check that the balance is safe before taking a dip.pHin can help your pool tech: Your pool technician can be connected to your pHin so they can check in on your water balance remotely and schedule service as needed.Data from pHin could save your pool: Monitoring your water does more than keep it in balance, the start of an imbalance could indicate that a piece of equipment is on the fritz or about to break. John Sciacca wrote about his experience in Residential Systems.Unlimited help from pHin: The smart monitor has a battery that can last up to two years, but if it runs out you can get a free replacement any time if you have the monitoring subscription.

Learn anything new? If you’re ready to add smart technology to your water care routine, click here.

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The Buddy System! Why Every Hot Tub Needs a pHin

The Buddy System! Why Every Hot Tub Needs a pHin

Hot tubs make a great addition to a home or backyard, whether for warming up on a cool winter night or taking a soak after a tough workout. Among the benefits of owning your own at-home spa, a hot tub can be challenging to maintain. Hot tub rash is real, and chemicals need to be added in exact doses for balanced water. Not to mention, worrying about whether or not the water is safe and balanced can take the relaxation out of your daily soak.

Maximize your hot tub relaxation time with the smart water monitor that can remove your worry about hot tub water! Every hot tub needs a pHin Smart Water Monitor to get the most benefits, here’s why:

Real-Time Temperature Status

There’s nothing worse than having your hot tub soak delayed because the water’s too cold. With pHin, you can simply check the app or ask Alexa about the temperature of your water, so you can see if the heater needs a boost before you go in.

Avoid Hot Tub Rash

Hot tub rash can be caused by poorly maintained water, according to the CDC. Keeping the water in balance is important to avoiding it and it can be hard to know which contaminants are causing the issue. pHin measures the water over 1,000 times per week and will notify you immediately if the water isn’t balanced, with a color-coded guide. A blue disc indicates your water is safe, balanced and ready to use.  An orange disc means your water is still safe to enter but needs some attention while a red disc appears when you should avoid the unsafe water.

Chemistry Support

Chemistry can be confusing, and hot tub owners need to pay close attention to their water to keep it safe. Understanding chemical dosing is a challenge. pHin uses built-in analytics to calculate dosing instructions, so users can simply follow the instructions in the app to balance their water.

With balanced water, hot tubs are great for relaxing, soothing sore muscles, and warming you up in cool weather.

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Get Your Pool Chemistry in Balance For Best Results With Pool Maintenance

Get Your Pool Chemistry in Balance For Best Results With Pool Maintenance

Keeping track of your pool maintenance is important no matter where you live. Depending on where you live, monthly pool maintenance can become a huge year-round chore. Yes, if the water temperatures are cool, UV rays are low and your pool may have no bather load; but your pump, filter, water heater, and other pool supplies are all running and still need to be monitored. Here is a basic pool care guide to help you keep that annual pool maintenance schedule on schedule.

When it comes to maintaining your pool’s cleanliness, most people overlook one very important component: the filter. With the proper maintenance and cleaning, this device is quite an important part of your pool care. The filters work to keep the chemicals from being eliminated as waste products. This helps to maintain the pH levels in the water and keeps harmful bacteria from flourishing. These chemicals will not only be pleasant to swim in, but they also can help save the life of your plants if you are using them to clean your pond.

Another type of pool care maintenance is essential for any pool equipment. If you are using an automatic pump that uses electricity, then it must be checked on a regular basis. This is not only to ensure that the pump is working correctly, but to prevent against damage to the filter. Cleaning the pump will allow it to run more smoothly and efficiently and this will ensure that you get more out of your money. Not cleaning the pump regularly will reduce the life of the unit and may eventually require replacement.

A pool care routine is not complete without checking the filter to ensure that it is not clogged. The simplest way to do this is by simply pulling out the filter and examining it. If you see chunks or pieces of debris stuck in the filter, then you need to clean it before proceeding to use the pump. This is especially true if there is a lot of debris in the skimmer basket. By removing the filter from the equation, you will be able to clean the debris before using the pump.

One of the most important aspects of pool maintenance is making sure that you have chlorine and other chemical added at a proper level. By setting the correct level, you will eliminate bacteria that live in cloudy water and cause health problems. However, if you fail to test for these levels, you will be subject to having cloudy water in your pool. For a complete guide to pool care, you should test both chlorine and pH on a monthly basis.

Most people take swimming pool care lightly. They realize that it is important to monitor the chemicals, but they don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about the rest of the maintenance tasks. If you are like most people, you are busy and don’t have a lot of time to devote to taking care of your swimming pool. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips to help you with the overall process.

The best tip for proper pool maintenance is to make sure you have proper circulation in the area. If you have poor circulation, you will find that you are more likely to get algae. Algae can cause the water to develop a bad taste and odor. In addition, poor circulation can make it difficult for swimmers to avoid drowning. Proper pool maintenance can prevent these problems by getting the circulation in the area working properly.

You might think that when you get into the details about pool maintenance that you are overdoing it. However, you cannot underestimate the importance of keeping your swimming pool chemistry in balance. If you have dirt and debris that are clogging the pores of your filter, you won’t be able to effectively clean it. On the other hand, if you have a good balance of chemicals, you won’t have to work so hard to keep it clean. Proper pool care will ensure that you have a great swimming pool experience at all times.